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And value experience over things

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Elopements Are SO Much More Than Traditional Weddings

You're here because you feel like taking the traditional wedding path doesn't feel quite right, and you want more for your wedding day. You're taking a huge step towards the best day ever and I'm so excited for you!

We're here to help you plan an intentional day, reflective of your identity as a couple. If that means running off to Iceland for a "just us" experience, or if it means inviting your closest friends and family for a intimate celebration on a beach in Mexico, we are here for you!

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You deserve to have a wedding day planned with intention, and for us to tell your story as it deserves to be told.

“I’m so happy with how the video and photos turned out, captured such intimate moments & the beautiful views of Yosemite!”


Elopement in the wilderness? Want to travel far from home and keep it intimate? We want to hear about it!